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Fleas and Flea Related Topics

This index page contains all of the links to my veterinary information pages about fleas. This list is by no means finished (there are loads of things to write about when it comes to this particular insect parasite), however, for ease of access, I thought it was time to index them all in one location. It has been my pleasure researching and creating these parasite pages for you and I hope you gain some information that will help you to identify and overcome any flea-related problems you may have.

Fleas and Flea Related Topics - Contents:

1) Flea Pictures - What Do Fleas Look Like.
This page contains photos and labeled diagrams of adult fleas, as well as pictures of their eggs, larvae and droppings (flea dirt). Animals with flea infestations and flea allergic dermatitis (FAD) are also shown.

See section 2 for flea life cycle. 2) Flea Life Cycle.
This page contains a full-colour, labeled diagram of the flea life cycle. It also contains a detailed description of each of the individual stages in the life cycle to help you understand how these parasites go from adults to eggs to adults again in your home. Understanding the flea life cycle is essential if you are to effectively remove an infestation from your home.

3) Flea Life Cycle With Information On How to Target Your Flea Control Towards Each of the Individual Lifecycle Stages.
This page contains a full-colour, labeled diagram of the flea life cycle. It also contains a detailed description of each of the individual stages in the life cycle with tips on how to target your parasite control program towards destroying each of the flea life cycle stages. Destroying each of the stages of the life cycle will help you to eradicate fleas from your pets and home more efficiently and go a long way towards preventing such infestations from recurring.

4) Flea Control.
A complete overview of how to control and treat fleas on your pets and in your household (including carpet and yard) and how to prevent these insect pests from infesting your pets in the first place. The page contains information on the best products to use.

5) My Favourite Flea Control Products for Animals:
5a) Advantage Flea Control (Imidacloprid).
5b) Revolution Flea Control (Selamectin).
5c) Capstar Flea Control (Nitenpyram).
5d) Program Flea Control (Lufenuron).
5e) Frontline Flea Control - Coming soon.
5f) Comfortis Flea Control - Coming soon.

6) Flea Control for Puppies and Young Dogs.

7) Treating Fleas on Kittens and Young Cats.

8) Flea Tapeworms - Tapeworms Your Dogs and Cats Can Catch From Fleas.

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Flea egg containing flea larvaPlease note: flea prevention, control and treatment guidelines and information on treating these parasites in animals are general information and recommendations only. The information provided is based on published information and on recommendations made available from the drug companies themselves; relevant veterinary literature and publications and my own experience as a practicing veterinarian. The advice given is appropriate to the vast majority of pet owners, however, given the large range of flea medication types and prevention and control protocols now available, owners should take it upon themselves to ask their own veterinarian what treatment and parasite prevention schedules s/he is using so as to be certain what to do. Owners with specific circumstances (high infestation burdens in their pet's environment, pregnant bitches and queens, very young puppies and kittens, parasite infested ferrets, parasite infested rabbits, dog, cat and rabbit breeders, livestock and poultry producers, multiple-dog and cat environments, animals with severe flea allergy dermatitis, animals on immune-suppressant medicines, animals with immunosuppressant diseases or conditions, owners of sick and debilitated animals etc. etc.) should ask their vet what the safest and most effective flea control protocol is for their situation.