Animal Sexing - Determining The Gender Of Your Pets.

Sexing animals is an important part of pet ownership.

Accurate animal sexing is an important component of pet ownership and animal breeding management. The incorrect sexing of animals can result in pet animals being inadvertently given the wrong names; unwanted breeding; huge population explosions and unwanted behavioral problems (e.g. hypersexuality, aggression, bullying and so on) of the kind that occurs when animals of inappropriate sexes are housed together.

Some species of pet animals (e.g. ferrets, dogs) are very easy to sex and determine the gender of, whereas, certain other species of animals (e.g. birds, rabbits, kittens) can sometimes be quite difficult to sex.

That is, until you know how to tell the boys from the girls.

This page contains links to all of our current pet sexing pages. We expect that more gender determination pages will soon arrive as pictures of male and female anatomy in the various species of animals become available to us.

Links to Our Pet Sexing Pages:

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